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Fencing systems «BASTION»
Fencing systems «BASTION» are durable and highly reliable panel which is produced with reduced cell
size of 4÷5 mm wire.

The ideal solution for sports grounds, high-risk areas, industrial and sensitive sites.

They are mounted on galvanized pipe profile posts 60x40x1.5, 60x40x2.0, 80x60x2.0, 80x80x3.0,
100x100x3.0 mm. Pipe length - 1.0÷3.0 m.

How to mount fence posts: concrete, anchor.

Fitting and installation of fencing systems are versatile and simple, depending on the particular installation
sites and requirements of the client. Optional colours of covering can also be changed.

The fence can be equipped with gates «BASTION» and/or wicket «BASTION».

The guaranteed lifetime of fencing is 10 years.

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Диаметр проволоки
Размер ячейки
Размер карт
4, 4.5, 5 mm
50x100 mm
The section width: 2÷3.0 m.
Height: 1.5÷2.5 m.
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