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Steel Wire
Steel Wire is produced from steel-drawn (drawn bars) through the holes to make consistent diameter in
accordance with regulatory requirements. It has the shape of filaments or cord.

Minimum thickness of wire is 0.8 mm, max is 6.5 mm.

The wire is used for the production of nets, nails, ropes, springs, cables and electrodes.

Classified by:
+ type of processing:
+ heat-treated;
+ heat treated;
+ type of coating;
+ without coating;
+ galvanized;
+ coppered.

Wire can be purchased in bundles or in coils.

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Welded wire mesh. Welded wire mesh in rolls. Sectional fencing. Building nails. Clout nails. Slating nails. Galvanized wire. The welding wire. Wire for General purpose VR-1. Wire knitting. The measuring rods.
Диаметр проволоки
?? 0.8 ?? 8.0 mm
Steel Wire VR-1 GOST 6727-80 Wire for general purpose GOST 3282-74 Tie wire (heat-treated) GOST 3282-74 Zink-coated wire GOST 3282-74 Cold heading wire GOST 5663-79 Welding wire GOST 2246-70 Barbed wire