Welded mesh metal
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Welded wire mesh. Welded wire mesh in rolls. Sectional fencing. Building nails. Clout nails. Slating nails. Galvanized wire. The welding wire. Wire for General purpose VR-1. Wire knitting. The measuring rods.
Welded metal mesh in rolls
Welded mesh in rolls is produced by spot welding of steel low-carbon wire with thin diameters 0.6-1.0
mm. The use of this mesh helps to reinforce the structures and evenly distribute the weight of the

It`s classified by the type of coating: without coating (black) and galvanized. 

Welded mesh in rolls used for:
+ screening of concrete;
+ reinforcement of concrete structures;
+ reinforcement of brickwork;
+ the floor ties;
+ plastering;
+ tile paving;
+ devices for heat/waterproofing;
+ fence sites;
+ producing cells and cage;
+ frames of greenhouses.

Finished products are formed into rolls.

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0.6÷1.0 mm
12x12, 25x12, 25x25, 25x50, 50x50 mm
Height/width: 1.0 m
Length: 1.0÷60 m
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