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We are ready to provide parties of any size for enterprises of any industry. We can fulfill both a one-time order and conclude an agreement, as well as supply fuel for your company on an ongoing basis. This will relieve you of the need to look for suppliers every time, clarify conditions, conclude contracts, worry about the timing and purity of fuel.

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In the conditions of the current development of the infrastructure of megacities, renting almost any transport is not a problem. But, this is only if the question does not concern the transportation of fuel and lubricants.


Any oil products have a high degree of flammability and an increased toxicity class, therefore, the transportation of such substances is carried out exclusively in special tanks. Usually, services for the transportation of fuel and lubricants over long distances are carried out with the help of railway tanks, and in cases where this is not possible and in the conditions of a metropolis, transportation by a fuel tanker will be saved.


Our company solves all organizational and technical issues related to ensuring the safety of transportation:


Large consignments of oil products are transported in railway tanks, sea and river tankers. Containers for transportation are covered with substances that exclude the possibility of a chemical reaction. In addition, tanks and tanks are thoroughly washed between shipments to avoid mixing different oil products on the next load.


The cost of transportation of such goods is determined by the type of vehicle, the volume of cargo, the size of the composition and the distance of delivery. The price also includes the cost of double transshipment when loading and unloading vehicles.


Oil, gasoline, diesel fuel and other petroleum products are classified as dangerous goods. These are flammable substances, and therefore the transportation of oil and oil products is carried out subject to special rules.


We has papers for the transportation of hazardous and combustible substances, which require the norms of the current legislation. We can carry out both a one-time delivery of oil and provide long-term transportation services, regardless of the remoteness of the region where delivery is required.

We operate two main types of oil tankers – commercial vessels designed to carry oil in bulk: for crude oil and for oil products. Crude oil tankers transport large volumes of crude oil from production site to refineries. Oil product tankers are usually much smaller and are designed to transport oil products from refineries in the UAE to European countries for onward sale.


For deliveries of LPG, we charter marine special vehicles — gas carriers of the required carrying capacity.


We deliver automotive fuel and liquefied gas to our customers via European roads by rail or tank trucks.


Petroleum products are potentially dangerous and can not only harm the vehicle, but also cause an environmental disaster. Therefore, their transportation is regulated by the international code of maritime transport. We carefully monitor changes in global and EU legislation regarding the regulation of international shipping by sea, carefully select the vehicle and provide reliable and prompt delivery by sea, taking into account the properties of a particular product.

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The cost of services for the transportation of oil and oil products depends on many factors and is calculated individually for each order.
Our experience in organizing this kind of transportation allows us to offer the best prices without loss of quality and minimum delivery times.
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