Barbed wire
One-basic corrugated barbed wire - GOST 285-69
Zinc-coated, 1 class, normal accuracy of production.
Диаметр проволоки
2.8 mm
Диаметр проволоки
Bundles 35±10 kg
Диаметр проволоки
1.8, 2.0, 2.2, 2.5 mm
Диаметр проволоки
Bundles 10÷30, 670÷720 kg
Two-basic zinc type «Iowa» barbed wire - TU U 27.1-136-001-2002
The barbed wire is produced from zinc-coated wire according to GOST 3282-74 class 1,
normal accuracy of production, with tensile strength 400-500 N/mm2.
The barbed wire consists of twists together in one direction with the same twists step equal to
(50±10 mm). Distance between the barbs is 75±8mm; 102±10mm; 12±13mm, 152±15mm (or
other distance on request).
Wire diameter for strand (basis) - 1.6÷2.5 mm.
Wire diameter for barbs - 1.4÷2.5 mm.
Диаметр проволоки
400 m